Other Projects


Electric Motorized Stuffed Animals

A mall rental company contracted me to upgrade their current fleet of imported Chinese scooter animals to address significant reliability issues, work outdoors on uneven surfaces, support adults and be more "fun."

I first modified the frames to use standard e-bike and mountain bike components, and house large pneumatic wheels to meet performance goals. Lithium battery chemistry replaced lead-acid saving over 20lbs (and everyone's back when they were lifted..). I added RGB LED lightshow "paws," reactive animal sounds and speakers, music, and location aware features all powered by an onboard Raspberry Pi and software I wrote in Python. After the first prototype, I also started building completely new frames when it became apparent modifying was not cost effective.

I am now the co-founder and CTO of Blastaround

 Rocket Luna at GlowCon 2016

Rocket Luna at GlowCon 2016

Rocket Luna Art Car

Rocket Luna is my Mutant Vehicle that I completely reconstructed in 2015. I added1600 pixel LED matrix displays, 600 LED pixel spiral nose cone, "rocket booster" speakers and main engine subwoofer 2000 watt sound system, and a detailed aviation themed interior.


Fire Table