Unbelievable sound combined with timeless mid-century style, plus all the conveniences of cloud-based digital music delivery.

658 Designs reimagines vintage console audio systems with modern convenience, accessibility and performance. An embedded audiophile hifi network music receiver bridges modern, mobile device music consumption with the unmatched aural vibrance of a restored tube amplifier. Simply put, you have not heard music until you have listened to an expertly engineered tube system.

Custom built to your specifications.  
4 week lead-time, 50% deposit required.

Price Range
$2000 - $6000

  • Apple AirPlay & Spotify Connect
  • Meticulously refurbished Tube Amplifier
  • Modern, sonically matched high-efficiency horn-loaded speakers
  • Matched speaker cabinetry and veneers
  • Integral or separated speaker mounting positions with stands.
  • Built-in Bar (drinks and grooves in one neat package)

Life is about compromise. We don’t do that here.
— Andrew Renz, 658 Designs